Fiesta Pepper Trio

Three Jillipepper Hot Fiesta Pepper

Three times the Jillipepper Hot Fiesta Pepper!

Jillipepper Hot Fiesta Pepper is a great all-purpose dry spice to add a little New Mexico flavor to any dish.

It's great as a seasoning on any cooked food - shake it just like black pepper!

Stir it into your favorite dip base - mix it just like any seasoning pack!

Sprinkle some into a bowl and cut up some fresh veggies - dip it and taste the flavor!

Pour a layer on parchment paper and coat your favorite meat before baking, frying, roasting, or grilling - roll it for a New Mexico taste!

When you are preparing food for your smoker - rub it just like any other smoker seasoning!

Shake it! Mix it! Dip it! Roll it! Rub it!

  • on chicken
  • on steak
  • on fish
  • on pork
  • in potatoes
  • in salad
  • in salsa
  • in cream cheese
  • in sour cream
  • in guacamole
  • in/on anything!

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$ 18.00
3 - 4 Ounce Shakers