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Jillipepper New Mexican Recipes

Unique Southwest Tastes

Jillipepper specializes in unique, flavorful chile pepper products. Each variety is the exclusive creation of Jillipepper. You won't find these unique New Mexican flavors anywhere else. Each product has its own distinct flavor; from the sweet hot combination of Red Chile Pineapple salsa to the more traditional Green Chile Salsa, Jillipepper adds an exciting twist to the trademark flavors of the Land of Enchantment.

Featured Recipes

Our friends at 505 Spirits grabbed some Jillipepper Green Chile Salsa and Hot Fiesta Pepper to create this super delicious, tangy and fiery New Mexico twist on the Bloody Mary. If you like it spicy, you will love this. And it is so easy to make!

Anna at 505 Spirits says, "Jillipepper’s stupendous, locally made NM Green Chile Salsa, pureed in your blender, makes the perfect Bloody Mary 'mix'. Our D’UVA 1 Brandy steps in to replace (and completely outshine) vodka and our Green Sauce Green Chile Liqueur brings another layer of that NM GREEN flavor and smooths with just the slightest hint of sweetness.

We combine Jillipepper’s Hot Fiesta Pepper (which is good on practically everything!) with sea salt for the perfect rim and veggie garnish and Mmmmmmmm… This is like a spicy salad bar party in your mouth!"

Servings: 1

This recipe from Chef John Vollertsen of Las Cosas Kitchen Shoppe uses our Jillipepper Red Chile Pineapple Salsa to create a tasty (kinda) Kalua Pork. Served with black beans over rice it's a winner!

Servings: 4

Jillipepper Red Chile Pineapple Salsa Glazed BaconJillipepper Red Chile Pineapple Salsa Glazed Bacon

"I LOVE Jillipepper's Salsas & Rubs.

I glazed bacon with their Red Chile Pineapple Salsa... Finish BLT....MMM"

Chef John Vollertsen
Las Cosas Kitchen Shoppe

Servings: 1

Jillipepper's southwestern take on this classic, crowd-pleasing snack or appetizer Southwest Sour Cream Jilli is super fast to make and will put a uniquely New Mexico taste on the table to wow all your guests.Just add chips, veggies, or crackers and you're ready for guests!

Looking for a authentically New Mexico, southwestern flair on the traditional pork roast? Look no further, Jillipepper's Marinated Pork Roast not only fills the bill, but will get the chef rave reviews!

A twist on the well known Chicken Tortilla Soup, Jillipepper Green Chile Salsa Soup adds that little extra authentic New Mexico flair. Step your Chicken Tortilla Soup up a notch... Jillipepper Greens Salsa it!